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Month: January 2019

Handicraft Wood Categories

Categories of Wood for Handicraft Furniture in India: Hardwood and Softwood Specialization

Wood for Handicraft Furniture: Hardwood and Softwood Specialization

Wood – the most popular type of material used in the furniture industry. Any type of Wood can be used for making furniture and other articles. But each of its types has its unique characteristics designs, warmth, comfort, finish type, shapes and that’s why different woods are chosen for making different furniture as per their characteristics.

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Astrological Outlook of top 15 Gemstones of Destiny

Gemstone of DestinyGemstones are considered as an opulence of aristocracy. Gemstones are used in making dazzling pieces of Jewelry from so many years. They are also called as ‘Ratana’ in India and have a paramount specialty when they are used in ornaments.

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