What does your 2.0 Version look like? Write about your 2.0 version as if you have already become the ideal version of yourself. ?

On the path, of exploring and achieving dreams,image of life lesson-craftoutlook.com

Deepika Ojha is a successful Blogger, analyst, data scientist, Digital Freelancer, and successful entrepreneur.

She is an experienced analyst and discovers more and more insights from data. She is a creative thinker and just wants to focus on the goal “Let’s do it”.

She believes, if you want to reach somewhere, you have to start from somewhere, and life is short, for starting from tomorrow.

Start from where you are, what you have and we will see every day we are exploring our personality.

She started her carrier as a Software Engineer in a small handicraft Industry and from there, she get knowledge about crafts and so she started a small craft blog craftoutlook.com as she was working she learns about handicrafts there.

She also likes for reading about different cultures, customs, artworks, paintings, and traditions so she thought whatever she reads, let’s convey her thoughts in her blog.

But later, she explored other fields also and works as a Data scientist in many different domains and generated liking in the field of data and their insights. How our data can transform our life from our data. In today’s, world we can learn from our inputted data.

She became a successful entrepreneur, Blogger; Digital Freelancer in the data science and analytics field and this was her empowering journey.

From an introvert student to changing her personality; believing in her; believing in her dreams and tries to achieve them.

She believes all things are possible if you believe in your dreams and trying every possible effort to do that. We should have a clear, precise, and focused vision in our minds.

List of Life goals she has believed and set:

  • We should have a dream.
  • We should first set small targets, start achieving it
  • Start from where you are
  • We should have our own opinion.
  • We should be specific about what we want
  • Believing in your dream self-confidence is a major part of achieving that specific dream.

She has worked hard, she has her own mistakes, own hardship, own learning, her improvement and she has her thinking and her freedom in life.

This is how she became Deepika Ojha version 2.0 of her life and every day trying to become new versions of her personality that what ‘Success’ means to her.