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Becoming the ideal version of yourself

What does your 2.0 Version look like? Write about your 2.0 version as if you have already become the ideal version of yourself. ?

On the path, of exploring and achieving dreams,image of life

Deepika Ojha is a successful Blogger, analyst, data scientist, Digital Freelancer, and successful entrepreneur.

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Top 7 Business – Oriented DIY Craft Culture in Trends

Craft‘ simply means to create something using skills and when these skills and techniques are used for making creative products they are called ‘Art‘. ‘DIY‘ means ‘Do it Yourself‘ is a new trending DIY Craft slogan which is in rage among people who are in love with the art and craft.

DIY Craft

Infographic on DIY Craft Style

Art‘ came from the craft. Many artisans and craftsman gave their extensive knowledge of expertise to create a single creative product. The evolution of craft has invented many new creative art and craft forms besides that it has discovered and kept alive many ancient, traditional and cultural manifestations of art forms.

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