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Socrates – An ancient Social Philosopher

Socrates is an ancient Greek philosopher known as founder of the path of modern western philosophy. He is also credited as great western thinker who has also put the footprints of western ideas and thinking.

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Creating Colorful Backgrounds in Photoshop for Novice

Visual art is an art of creative thinking of the human mind on a digital platform. This is mainly transforming your hand and mind creativity on a computer. Computer Graphics is the art of digital innovation and designs which we will use to design on the internet.

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Astrological Outlook of top 15 Gemstones of Destiny

Gemstone of DestinyGemstones are considered as an opulence of aristocracy. Gemstones are used in making dazzling pieces of Jewelry from so many years. They are also called as ‘Ratana’ in India and have a paramount specialty when they are used in ornaments.

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