Visual art is an art of creative thinking of the human mind on a digital platform. This is mainly transforming your hand and mind creativity on a computer. Computer Graphics is the art of digital innovation and designs which we will use to design on the internet.

In this Blog I will explain how to create simple colorful backgrounds through the Photoshop so that a novice user can also easily create it in Photoshop as I had tried, just follow the below steps:

  • Download the Adobe Photoshop from the internet and open the new file of sample size 500 x 500. Add custom size and RGB type.

  • In the right side, you will see the layer panel. In the layer panel, you will see the background layer, right-click it and make a duplicate copy of it.

  • Now from see the lower line and put the mouse on each, you will “create a new layer” in the tooltip. Create one new layer from that

  • Put the mouse cursor or click on the layer.
  • Now on the left side just move the mouse you will see on the paintbrush icon, after clicking on it see on the top left corner you will see paintbrush style icon. In the right of there setting symbol is there just click it and you will see the options of brushes select which you like apply different brush patterns on the layer and see which you like by just selecting it and moving the mouse.

  • After selecting the brush pattern, now see on the bottom left there is a color setting icon, just click on that color icon a window will appear and select different colors as you like and apply it on layers.

  • Now select all layers and background by cntrl+shift and do cntrl+M to merge the file in one.

  • Then go to file and save as or export it in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) or jpg format and the colorful pattern background is ready.
  • You can also provide some shine and glow effect by using filter simple.

  • You also provide some shine effect by going to menu->adjustment ->curve and drag the curve as per your desire.

You can also make other types of backgrounds by using the above simple methods.

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