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Interviewing for my Craft Blog

I interviewed Mr. Sushil Sharma General Manger of Sushil Udyog Handicraft Industry in Jodhpur. Jodhpur is a hub of Handicraft market and there is a name of this Industry in the Handicrafts Markets.

Come know about death the main Proprietor of Owner Sunil Sharma, my condolence to him.

Firstly, I told him that I am just beginners in digital Marketing but I have passion of writing about different craft and culture. I am keen to know about different handicraft products, gift items, Furniture items, making traditional crafts. What type of products customers generally want in craft areas.

He is a very humble personality and has lavish office interiors which are showing the quality of their products. I started asking the interview from very basic

Me: How you choose Handicraft Niche for your Business?

SS: This is my Family Business from generation and my family has a very reputed background in handicraft. My family has great artisans and I have also great interest in handicrafts, crafts.

Me: What is your mission and vision is?

SS: I am handicraft person and obviously I want my business to grow as much as possible. My simple mission to increase my Handicraft business to great heights and if you say vision I want be legend in handicraft market in India.

Me: What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to Company management?

SS: As an owner I have to face so many challenges, as it is a labor industry we have deal with artisans, labors, workers, staffs. We make proper coordination of all this because for me as a handicraft industry owner they are very important so managing people is so big task for me and for working team also. Then what our customer are demanding. What products are in trends and what are not. Analyzing the previous year trends and markets. Managing raw material is also a big task.

Me: Any tough decisions you have taken till now (an example)What do you about that?

SS: Yes, as an owner even I have to take decisions every day. You will come to know when you will enter into it. May be sometime harsh, actually it is tough for someone but beneficial for my business.

Me: What are the most important characteristics of successful leaders today?

SS: I can’t define proper characteristics of success. I think it come from experience. Some people have natural traits. Some are good orators. Some are good influencers. Some are good and talented in work. But, if you actually want I can say Consistent learning, communication skills, critical and strategic thinking power, and strong observational and analytical power are some traits you have to develop it anyone to become a good leader.

Me: Sir, What motivates you?

SS: I like to get updated about my industry trends, handicraft markets and it actually it motivates and inspires me to do new thing every day. I love apply different creative ideas to increase my organization sales and I also love to use updated and efficient technology in my organization.

Me: Thank you sir, for giving me your so valuable time, it’s an honor for me to talk to such a humble person.

SS: I also love to talk to person who want write for handicraft products and I always want to motivate who want do something in handicraft field.

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I love to write about art and craft and exploring the cultural heritage of India. I like to gather knowledge about the evolution of art and craft. Love to explore heritage and art and craft concealed in our past history.

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