Top 10 e-Commerce Sites for Handicraft Products

Here is the list of Top 10 e-commerce Sites for Handicraft Products:


TagLine: India’s Largest Ethnic Store

Mirraw is an Indian e-commerce craft shop which sells a wide range of discrete varieties of ethnic wears like sarees, topers, and dress materials. It gives a platform to designers to showcase their ethnic designs. It helps designers to art up to the boutiques and showcases their new and crafty designs.

The platform has approx. 0.1 million products listed on its web portal and have more than three million happy customers across worldwide. Products include apparels, jewelry, accessories and much more fashionable crafts and ethnic wears. It was launched in 2014 and it is one of India’s leading centers of craft jewelry online.

Owner: Shailesh Jain and Anup Nair

Location: Mumbai

iTokri :

iTokri is an e-commerce web platform which exhibits a worldwide range of solely handicraft products. It is completely based on products developed by hands like saris, dress materials, appeals. iTokri takes the products of a seller from the village, small towns, small business, export houses. It unveils the handicraft skills of people from low-level regions of India.

Owner: Nitin Pamnani

Company: iTokri Enterprises Private Limited.

Location: Madhya Pradesh


TagLine: Magical Hands! Mystic Colors

Okhai is an online e-commerce platform for showcasing the real glimpses of women empowerment. This online website encourages women from villages and semi-urban areas to show their rural craft talent on their site. It is originally found by Tata chemicals society for rural development (TCSRD). Then from, the support of many women organizations and Self Help Groups (SHGS, an online market of handicraft products have been found in the ‘Okhamandal village’ in Gujarat.

The members of these village ground encourage many rural artisans’ men or women to make handicraft products and sell them on their portals. The artisan working in this earns approximately, 500 to 1100 rupees monthly. They train women artisans and craftsman how to run this online website. From purchase orders to merchandising and delivery, all the work is done by rural women craftsman working there.

The products which they offer mainly include mirror work and embroidery in which women are considered generally niche artisans. They offer a wide range of handicraft products like men’s and women’s apparels, home décor products, craft furniture’s and accessories and exquisite jewelry. The web portal is exemplary in marketing the rural women’s handcraft and talent and also teaching the skills of running a business and how to become self-sustained.

Owner: Tata chemicals society for rural development

Location: Gujarat


TagLine: #FreshDesignsEveryday

Craftsvilla is an Indian e-commerce website that brought for us the huge collection ethnic apparel, footwear, fashion jewelry and royal classic indigenous skill crafted home décor produces.

It takes the products from local artisans, designers and helped them to promote their brand and endorse Indian ethnic and traditional lifestyle and culture. The company’s revenues touch across 300$- 500$ million and have approx. four million discrete craft products that are newly and exclusively launched by Craftsvilla. It also has a merger with the ministry of textiles, governments of India for branding and promoting the products from handloom weavers from all over India. It includes intriguing products from Small weavers and craftsman, handloom artisans from all over India.

Owner: Manoj Gupta and Monica Gupta

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra


Peoli is solely a handcrafted e-shop and revives the essence of the handcraft. It is an online craft shop which offers a wide collection of hand-made products exclusively constructed in the company.

The artisans of Peoli use natural dye and colors to make these products. Their work completely based on authentic and natural and local materials. Even, the color and fabric they use are extracted from nature. At Peoli the artisan men, women show their indigenous craftwork and earn their livelihood from this which also maintain a balanced environmental lifestyle with nature.

There is an interesting love story behind the ‘Peoli’ word. The story of a girl named ‘Peoli’ who lived in the forest and a nature lover. One day, a Prince came to the forest and saw her and fell in love with her. They got married and she left the forest to live in Palace. But life at Palace makes her sick and eventually died. Where she was buried at that sport, a plant with yellow petals sprouted and that flower named as Peoli in the girl’s memory.

Location: Uttrakhand

Kashmir Box:

TagLine: offering and empowering Kashmir

Kashmir Box is a popular online e-commerce web portal that promotes the indigenous heritage of Kashmir. It is the online marketplace to sell the handmade products like shawls, dress, pashmina, and décor items made by local artisans, craftsman and small – town local entrepreneurs.

The main highlight is indigenous entrepreneurs or artisans sell their product on this online platform on their own. This site explores the greatest collection of Kashmiri products.

Owner:  Muheet Mehraj (CEO Kashmir Box) and His Team – Gyawun

Location: Kashmir


TagLine: channelizing the dying art

eMithilaHaat is an organization which has set up their online web portal to promote the enthralling and popular tradition of Mithila also known as ‘Madhubani Art.’ This organization works towards preservation and promotion of this old and glorifying rich historical Madhubani Art form.

Madhubani paintings’ or ‘Mithila paintings’ follow art culture of Mithila from generations, and this online market helps to showcase the traditional products of Mithila. The available market products are not only paintings but clothes, dress, bed sheets, skirts, sarees and wall printing; table clothes on which this art is crafted graciously giving them a best ethnic look.

These products are sold online and the money came from this, use to engross and branding of this art and gave livelihood to the artisans and craftsmen doing this art. This is a great initiation for saving this art from getting extinct. To know more about Madhubani Paintings please see Madhubani Paintings – An Art from Mithila.

Owner: Ankit Jha

Location:  Gahumi, Darbhanga, Bihar


TagLine: ‘a tale of craft’

Gaatha – ‘a tale of craft’ is an online traditional Indian handicraft portal which aims to promote Indian tradition and culture throughout the world. It is basically a blog plus online shop. Here we can read about Indian hand-crafted tradition, culture and also know more about local expert artisans in these fields and also purchase the items made by them.

Here artisans are directly connected to the worldwide customers. The numerous craft products offered here are the scarf, shawl, t-shirt, dress, topers, accessories, bags and purses and safaris and many more. It has an innovative symbol of flying fish seems very unique and stylish as well.

Owner: Sumiran Pandya

Location: Gaatha Handicrafts, Ahmedabad, India


TagLine: Integrated Digital Clusters of Chanderi Weavers

Chanderiyaan is an e-commerce web portal to showcase and promote the unique and traditional craft of chanderi weavers to the outside world. It is the online platform for branding, promotion, and preservation of chanderi art and craft works and people associated with this craft from getting extinct.

It predominantly showcases the craftsmanship of chanderi weavers of Ashok Nagar district of Madhya Pradesh India. This chiefly includes all types of chanderi products.

The designs and motifs used in this include the stories of historical events, sculptures of god, goddess and many more religious tales of Indian culture. It is basically an organization run by Media Lab Asia & Digital empowerment Foundation with the help of Government of India that helps the chanderi artisans to promote and preserve their craft.

This organization also conceptualized the Chanderi weavers ICT Resource center (CWISTRC) to provide technical education to chanderi weavers about their craft. Their initiative aims to proselytize this art and to make the weavers self-independent and to educate them how to earn their livelihood and how to become popular and get admired on digital platforms.

Owner: Media Lab Asia & Digital empowerment Foundation with the support of Dept of IT, MCIT, GOI.

Location:  Raj Mahal, Chanderi, Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh


TagLine: HandCrafted Metalware

Coppre is an online platform exclusively available for endorsing copper products in the digital market. It is a Pune, Maharashtra, India based small social venture working with the craftsman to promote, preserve and protect the artistry emanate from the copper heritage of the country. Coppre is an all-women run company shows the best picture of women empowerment in women entrepreneurship. It aims to keep the legacy of copper craft and products alive. It often has a vibrant and remarkable collection of copper products like flower pots, jewelry, accessories, gift articles, jars, home décor products, lavish metal wares, stylish platters, glass, bowls, boxes and much more which are also in rage among youth and office-goers.

Owner: Rashmi Ranade, Ganesh Natarajan

Location: Pune, Maharashtra, India

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