Craft‘ simply means to create something using skills and when these skills and techniques are used for making creative products they are called ‘Art‘. ‘DIY‘ means ‘Do it Yourself‘ is a new trending DIY Craft slogan which is in rage among people who are in love with the art and craft.

DIY Craft

Infographic on DIY Craft Style

Art‘ came from the craft. Many artisans and craftsman gave their extensive knowledge of expertise to create a single creative product. The evolution of craft has invented many new creative art and craft forms besides that it has discovered and kept alive many ancient, traditional and cultural manifestations of art forms.

According to the DIY craft style classification, Art and craft is generally classified into two categories:-

  • Decorative craft 

  • Applied craft

Decorative craft:

As the name suggest decorative craft are generally used to create exquisite masterpieces. Decorative craft includes handicraft, glass craft, paper craft, wooden craft, pottery art and various sculptures, paintings. Decorative craft means the craft which is used to decorate and embellish a simple product to transform it into a bewitching masterpiece.

Applied craft:

Applied craft are those crafts which we used in our day to day life. These crafts are those which we adopt and apply in our regular lifestyle. These crafts include food, fashion, and textile craft. The acquisition of these crafts makes our lifestyle stylish and vogue.

Types of crafts:

Different types of  DIY art and craft styles which are distinguished as per the general craft categories are as follows:

Textile craft:

TEXTILE CRAFT Textile craft includes crafts which are done on clothes. These are applied craft. These include the art of applique, crochet, embroidery, knitting, lace-work, quilting, tapestry. Different and unique types of creative crafts are done on textiles and fabrics to make it attractive, lavish and stylish. It is believed that Textile craft was first applied around 5000 B.C. in India and Middle-East areas of the world. Chinese, Japanese and Indian textile arts are popular in the whole world.

Fashion craft:


Fashion Craft Categories: Dress Designing and Interior Designing

Fashion craft is an applied craft which generally applied to our day- to day life. Fashion craft has many categories like jewelry, clothes, home – interior, footwear designing and many more. Fashion jewelry is in vogue among youngsters but they are also popular in all class of people. These include fashion accessory made of metals, beads and have a different process of making, embossing, engrains, enameling. Different jewelry style popular is beadwork, antique, meenakari, Kundan, filigree jewelry etc. Today there are many more DIY fashion craft which people are interested in like craft on footwear’s, clothes. Home – interior designing is another craft category but this is generally adopted as a career, not as a DIY art form.

Handicraft (The Most Bankable):

Handicraft is a decorative craft as handicraft products are very popular in India. Handicraft is second most employment generation sector of India the commercial outlook of handicraft Industry is totally profitable. Different handicraft categories like stonework, woodwork, metalwork, bone and marble work, pottery and glasswork, precious gift articles, bamboo work all these categories are included in handicraft sector and products made from art are heavily demanded all over the world and used in day to day life as well. It is believed that Handicraft has been found almost 5000 years back. The first shreds of evidence were found in Harappa and Indus valley civilization.

Paper Craft:

Papercraft came in the decorative craft category. We use vibrant and appealing color papers to make beautiful and innovative art pieces which are used for decorating homes on various occasions. Papercraft is also used in paper mache which is used in making exclusive paper art pieces. Paper Mache is a different form of craft. Different market products made of this DIY crafts are wall hangings, sculptures, idols of deities, decorative art pieces. Even the wall of one Dargah (temple) is made of this material.

Painting and sketching (The Perfect DIY):


Painting and Sketching

These DIY art styles are in vogue today. This comes under the applied craft. These are generally done by people for passion and hobby not for earning. Various sketching techniques are popular like a single line, shading, outline painting etc. This is done through single pencils or pens. Paintings are popular most opted for the DIY craft by people as their passion in their spare time. Various painting categories are modern art, historical or mythological paintings etc. Painting styles are also numerous but Paintings are popular from old age. Various auctions and exhibitions are mainly held for paintings. Different painting styles which are in Indian popular are Madhubani Paintings, Rogahnart, Pattachaitra. Indian Paintings are now in a boom as an online marketing venture. To know more visit blog: Indian Paintings

Sand Art:

Sand-ART Sand art is newly emerged DIY culture in youth. This is a type of decorative craft. This is a dry art form. Sand art depicts modeling sand in various artistic patterns such as sand castles, sand sculptures, paintings, bottles, and sand brushing. Various colored sands are also used in this. Sand painting and art is the art form in which painting is made on sand. The niche artist of sand art makes the sand art figures depicting various stories. In any event or show of sand art the artist generally carves various scenes of stories or song on sand so frequently and depicts the whole segment of story one by one and after the completion of the show, the whole painting is generally destroyed. The scenes in the sand are made and changed very fast with leaves mesmerizing effects on the viewers and the whole environment becomes bewitching. Sandcastle means making various sculptures, idols or building or monuments from sand near sea beaches or riversides where sand is easily available. This has attracted many youngsters and they are opting and making it their passion.

Sudarsan Pattnaik ” from India is the renowned sand artist who also got Guinness world record for making the tallest Sand Castle in the world.

Food Art (Foodies Delighted):

food art Food Art illustrates art carved from food. This food art is in vogue in today’s DIY culture because today art on food is very popular. You have seen numerous videos on online sites like youtube, Vimeo, tumbler etc, read various blogs, articles which make and apply different style, designs on cake, pastries, carving different craft on food used for garnish the food and also experimenting with many dishes in style, taste, look, feel, smell, garnishing which make food art more in demand as hobby for those who love cooking. This art is exemplary for foodies.

DIY Craft Outlook…

Art and craft applied to various cuisines make it very popular and look delicious. These come in applied craft because we use and apply this in our everyday cooking and if the looks and taste are good we quickly upload the video of the recipe online or write an article on our social accounts to give our followers a new status. These are few DIY craft cultures famous among people which they usually embrace them as their passions. These seven types of DIY craft forms are mostly chosen as a business idea by people.

Save Paper, Save Environment, and be Digital. 

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