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Top 7 online Market Ventures for Indian Paintings

Top 7 online marketing ventures of Indian Paintings

Painting Markets are in most lucrative business in vogue. Below is the list of top 7 online marketing websites of Indian Paintings.

Here is a list exploring top seven online marketing websites which are trending as an affluent business market in the field of Indian Art and Paintings trade and ventures.

Fizdi.com: ‘A Nirvana of Art’

Fizdi.com with a tagline of ‘a nirvana to art’ is India’s most fascinating store for buying exclusive and affordable hand painted art and crafts. It was found in 2009 by Anand Prakash Khiv Vasana (MD CEO).

Fizdi painting store offers you across 5000+ artworks and all are based on different themes and topics and have a network of shipping across all over the world. It has a robust network of more than 500 skillful and diligent and crafty painters and artist, who sell their hard-core painting talent. All paintings generated are full-fledged hand painted, no other technologies are used. The online site is a remarkable and popular site for painting hunters.


Mojarto is an NDTV venture and one of India’s largest online hubs of various types of lucrative and creative paintings. Mojarto has an exclusive range of handicraft paintings, fine arts, prints, and lithographs. The artist and craftsman of Mojarto are from across all over India and Mojarto give an exclusive digital platform to showcase their hard work.

Mojarto is a platform for selling an online painting. It has a huge base of customers which buy their desirable painting from here. This site has also a wide range of products like home decors, lamps, cushions, cans, artifacts, garden décor products, stationery, tableware and much more. It also offers extensive jewelry pieces, precious stones, crystals, brassware etc.


Gallerist.in is a great online platform for aspiring as well as professional painters and artisans to showcase their designer art. This online platform offers a great range of online paintings. For the customer of the online platform, the most unique and significant part is that the new and existing artisans transformed their art from very low areas to their digital world and preserve their talent and broadcast to the whole world. This website was founded in 2014 by Ajay Anand a designers marketing expert and has headquarters in Mumbai.


Artflute.com believes in transforming every living space in a gallery of art. Artflute is a most loved online marketplace for selling and buying the online paintings. Here we get a huge collection of online art paintings. Whether artisan is a novice or a veteran it is an open place for everyone to exhibit their creativity to the whole world. It is found in 2008 by (CEO name).


An indianartideas.com is a perfect digital art gallery for ‘lover of art’. It is one of the most popular online platforms offering a wide range of collection which is across 15000+ original hand printed Indian artworks from very esteemed and talented artisans. It includes a wide pool of apparels more than 1000+ artisans and their artworks. It has more than 1000+ beautiful paintings. It becomes one of the greatest hubs for buying and selling of Indian paintings and has a huge crowd of happy customers and sellers both.


It is a decade old Indian art form gallery based in Kolkata, India who has come on a digital platform to showcase their art gallery. It offers an exclusive range of Indian contemporary art forms gallery which includes popular vintage Indian and modern art paintings and much more. Today Indian paintings have got recognition in both national and international levels all over the world. This site is established not only to sell Indian artwork but to explore the art gallery collections on online platforms so that the world will see the remunerative and adorable art of artisans from all over India. Its main motto is to preserve, promote and procure these Indian art paintings. They offer all types of painting like an oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, charcoal paintings. They work on different subjects like abstract, landscape, and portrait, and static life, figurative and mythological paintings.

The website is great helping hand for curing the cancer child as income came from website go to Netaji Cancer research Institute NCRI.


It is a great online platform for traditional artisans. India art as name features different artworks exclusively from India like paintings, sculptures, art exhibitions and photographs from professional as well as a child artist. They take art from novice to veteran artists. Indiaart.com is an art marketplace that provides a full-fledged online buying and selling of enthralling artworks. It offers a wide collection of paintings, photographs, child arts, cartoons, sketches, sculptures, paper crafts, and prints. India art also promotes arts of the local craftsman by partnering with varies craftspeople, artisans, photographers, child artist, art galleries, art schools, museums, cartoonist, designers, IT techs, professionals or commercial artisans, all those who have a passion for art.

It has a huge collection of affordable art pieces with many unique and fascinating themes and designs which they promote as an online market product and has a huge collection of happy and satisfied customer’s passion for art and crafts.

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