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Top 7 Popular Online Art and Craft Digital Auction Houses

Art is creativity that emanates from inner passion and when this passion is exhibited in today’s digital world it gets huge applauds and fame.

Here is the list of fine online art auction houses which indeed foster this artistry by taking these painting online and giving a huge platform so that a person sitting in the home can participate in these auctions and purchase these magnificent paintings and artwork of mastered artisans.


Sotheby’s is an American multinational company and dealing with world-class distinctive types of art since 1744. It is one of the largest brokers and dealers of fine arts, jewelry, paintings and all types of decorative art. It was established on 11th March 1744 in London and also the first international auction house which is expanded from London to New York in 1955. Now it is headquartered in New York.

‘Sotheby’ is the name put after one of its co-founders, John Sotheby. It is the world fourth auction houses and is globally networked around 80 locations in 40 countries. The company has recorded the world’s largest art business with global sales of approx. $5.8 billion in 2011.

It is first to conduct art sales in Hong Kong in 1973, in India in 1992, and in France in 2001. In 2012 it became the first international auction houses in China. In 2016, Taikang life the huge Chinese insurance company became its largest shareholders.

We can view live auction online and participate in it and place bids from anywhere in the world. Sotheby provides services in all three divisions i.e auction, finance, and dealers. Company services range from corporate art to private sales. It is one of the full-service art financing company

Chairmen: Domenico De Sole

CEO: Tad Smith

Founder: Samuel Baker, George Leigh, and John Sotheby

Tagline: Sotheby’s Est.1744


Christie’s is a giant global outlook of extraordinary art culture. The Company is mainly founded by James Christie in 1766. The headquarters are situated in London and New York as well. It one of the renowned auction houses to conduct online auctions around the world and showcase their artistic stocks on digital platforms.

In 2017 the painting of ‘Salvator Mundi’ was sold for approx. $450.3 from Christie’s which was the greatest and the highest price paid for any painting in the world and in 2015 the company’s total sales are approx. $ 7.4 billion (£4.8 billion).

In general, it provides total around 350 auctions in approx. 80 categories which include almost all categories of art, decorative art, jewelry etc. Christie’s is mainly known for contemporary and post-war, modern art, impressionist and Jewelry styles. Globally, it is present in around 46 countries.

It is one of the renowned online platforms for the art auction. The company also provides services for private sales. Christie’s is an established monarch in creative and historical artistry.

Key Person: François-Henri Pinault

CEO: Guillaume Cerutti

Saffron art:

Saffron art is a global art company founded in 2000. It was open as Artwork Company but with gaining popularity with time it becomes a legend in art auction houses in the whole world.

After fourteen years of experience in fine art and collectors of Indian painting, saffron art has a broad collection of priceless and embellished artworks and it has become a pioneer in auctions of artworks. It has recognized globally and its case study is also, taught in Harvard business school. Saffron art has done several successful digital and online auctions in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, London, New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

In the artwork, it has exhibited many sculptures, Paintings, artifacts, antiquities. It has also organized many remarkable and successful art exhibitions till today.

Owner: Minal Vazirani, Dinesh Vazirani


Artsy was founded in 2010. It is an online art store. It has a prolific collection of artworks whether it is art pieces, home decors, paintings, sculptures, and many more products. Each artistic work offered here is furnished with elegant, unique and classic motifs, designs patterns.

Artsy is an online platform for exploring the well-crafted and splendid artistic work from legendary artisans.

Owner: Carter Cleveland


Artspace is the leading creators of artworks where millions of craftsman and artisans from across the world can showcase their mature products. It is preferably the digital market shop for fine art, designers, and contemporary art.

This company was founded in 2011. The Company has made revenue of about $100 million from sales and exhibition of art and craft.

It is a great online auction site preferably for fine arts. Artspace unveils a profound collection of artistic metal works around the world and showcases the work of niche artisans.

Owner: Catherine Levene, Christopher E.Vroom – (Cofounders and chairman)

Bid and Hammer:

It is founded in 2007 by Maher Dadha an Industrialist, art collectors. Bid and hammer also spread Indian auctions beyond paintings. It has done many exhibitions and auctions of paintings, drawing and miniature jewelry, swords, daggers, antique products, books, prints, photographs, tapestries, rugs, carpets, photographs, and other decorative artworks.

It is an old and renowned global auction house of India which has set its benchmark in name of auction houses in the whole world.

Owner: Maher Dadha(Founder & Ceo)


Astaguru is a leading auction house in India founded in 2008 to conduct online auctions of contemporary and modern Indian Art. It offers an auction of a variety of products such as vintage collections, antiques, sculptures, miniatures paintings, fine art, aristocratic pieces of jewelry and much more art and craft products.

The word ‘Astaguru’ is made up of two words the former is ‘Asta’ means auction and the latter is ‘guru’ means teacher so Astaguru means ‘Master of Auctions’.

It is founded by Mr. Vickram Sethi founder and chairman of the arts trust, Instructor of Contemporary Indian Art Galleries in Mumbai.

Astaguru offers a premium collection of craft works on the online auction platforms which will heal the online shopper. The quality of artwork which they offer is supreme and impeccable.

The company principal objectives are to spread the Indian artwork globally and each and every piece of work should be incredible and have the paramount quality.

Owner: Vickram Sethi, Tushar Sethi(CEO)

#Famous Indian Painters

Indian Painters also showed their great talent and artistry stock in these auction houses. Many paintings of Indian Painters are sold at heavy prices in these digital auction houses. Here is the list of 5 Indian painters whose creativity has awestruck many art lovers.

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