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How to Send Free e-certificates Using Autocrat

In this post, you will learn to create a free registration form or free feedback form thane how they can make this make in the google form and Send free e-certificates to registered users after the workshop.

Below is a Mindmap of the whole Tutorial on how the complete process will flow.

The following steps are listed:

Topic: Create Work Shop Registration Google Form and Send free e-certificates using the Autocrat tool.

data flow diagram of topic

The Essential Fact & Fundamentals of Marketing

digital marketingMarketing is a core ingredient of any Business, whether it’s a small shop or big enterprise. It’s an old word with a great presence for selling things and making money. Marketing rules are applied in markets from generations.

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Handicraft Wood Categories

Categories of Wood for Handicraft Furniture in India: Hardwood and Softwood Specialization

Wood for Handicraft Furniture: Hardwood and Softwood Specialization

Wood – the most popular type of material used in the furniture industry. Any type of Wood can be used for making furniture and other articles. But each of its types has its unique characteristics designs, warmth, comfort, finish type, shapes and that’s why different woods are chosen for making different furniture as per their characteristics.

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Astrological Outlook of top 15 Gemstones of Destiny

Gemstone of DestinyGemstones are considered as an opulence of aristocracy. Gemstones are used in making dazzling pieces of Jewelry from so many years. They are also called as ‘Ratana’ in India and have a paramount specialty when they are used in ornaments.

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Becoming the ideal version of yourself

What does your 2.0 Version look like? Write about your 2.0 version as if you have already become the ideal version of yourself. ?

On the path, of exploring and achieving dreams,image of life

Deepika Ojha is a successful Blogger, analyst, data scientist, Digital Freelancer, and successful entrepreneur.

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