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I am Deepika Ojha lives in Rajasthan, India and feels elated that you are visiting and reading my blog.

I am a Software Engineer. I love to read, write and explore about art and craft culture around us. I consider myself just a simple, creative and crafty blogger.

I like to write about our country’s heritage of art and craft. I am passionate about exploring different cultures, customs and old traditions which people follow from generations.

I started CraftOutlook.com with a vision of exploring and sharing my knowledge on various topics related to art and craft, our past history, legendary historical works and old beautiful heritages of our country and around the world.


CraftOutlook.com exhibit the historical and artistic outlook of the country. This blog also imparts knowledge on how our present art and craft culture are relevant to our past and to how much extent it will transform and reorient in the coming future.

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